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Leerco Special Ovens

Batch and Mould Ovens

Leerco batch and mould ovens offer the glassmaker a reliable means of keeping moulds hot prior to use. These ovens are custom built to suit particular needs and are available for temperatures up to 750 degrees centigrade. 
This picture shows a Leerco mould oven fitted into the side of an annealing lehr. This uses heat from the side wall of an insulated zone, so is virtually free to run. Easily fitted to most types of lehr, they can have any number of shelves.
Inside the ovens, moulds are placed on shelves where they remain until required. Securely fitting doors reduce heat loss to a minimum, providing maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. 
Leerco batch ovens are ideal for small decorating runs or trials. They are equipped with a ramp and dwell type instrument which allows the user to input a curve to suit the wares being processed. Each oven is supplied with sliding shelves, making loading and unloading a simple process.
An air recirculation fan is fitted to simulate processing in a decorating lehr, for customers wishing to carry out trial printing runs.

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