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Leerco Fabrications

All Leerco lehrs are designed to meet the exact requirements of the customer, whether producing 5 gram pharmaceutical vials or 30 kilo heat exchangers. All internals are fabricated from 3mm Stainless Steel or mild steel to ensure unrivalled life span and reliability. 
These electrically heated lehrs, supplied by Leerco are each 30 metres long and rated at 475 kw. Tunnel length is always critical when sizing an annealing or decorating lehr, so a computerised simulation program, developed by Leerco, ensures each lehr will perform and process ware perfectly.
Each new Leerco lehr is complete with flush fitting side panels, to ensure the machine stays clean and tidy throughout its life. An air gap is left between the inner skin of the side panel and the insulation to allow shop air to circulate. This ensures casing temperatures of around 40 degrees Centigrade, maximizing efficiency.
Leerco package type burners have been developed to be ultra-reliable and simple to maintain. Ranging from 30 to 300kw they are suitable for direct or indirect firing, on natural gas or LPG. Plug and socket electrical connections make removal fast and efficient.

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