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Leerco Refurbished Lehrs

Leerco are specialists in lehr refurbishment and often have complete lehrs available in stock at York. Total overhaul of existing lehrs can be carried out on site and conversion from electric to gas or vice versa is also offered.
The following  pictures illustrate the degree of work that can be carried out on a lehr section during overhaul. The section is stripped and shot blasted in our works, all damaged parts are replaced or repaired and conversion is carried out if required.
After reassembly the lehr is painted in either heat resistant aluminium or gloss paint to suit the customers specific requirements.  


All fan units are removed from the lehr and sent back to the original manufacturer wherever possible. This picture shows such a fan awaiting refurbishment.
This picture shows its condition after refurbishment. The fans have been fully stripped, cleaned and tested. The bearings and oil seals are always replaced, and they are reinstalled with a full guarantee.
This picture shows a lehr drive frame in its stripped condition. The drive drums have been removed for re-rubbering, the gearbox is also overhauled by the original manufacturer. Upon return, the drive will be rebuilt, new bearings fitted, and finally the completed unit will be fully tested.
Refurbished lehrs offer a welcome cost saving in today's competitive market. Typically 40% less than a new lehr, they are attractive to start-up companies as well as those involved in major capital projects.
The illustrations above show a lehr awaiting collection at our factory in York. This was an electric annealing lehr, which was converted into a decorating lehr for a range of tableware.
Usually refurbished lehrs have brand new control panels, sometimes however it is feasible to strip and clean the cabinet from the lehr and refit it with the latest instruments and switch gear. This picture shows such a panel before the refurbishment.
This picture shows the panel after refurbishment. It has been cleaned, fitted with new instrumentation and repainted. It is then fully tested.

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