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Leerco Annealing Lehrs

Leerco Annealing lehrs are second to none. An enviable reputation built on years of experience ensures quality, reliability and after sales service. Lehrs for glass containers of all sizes are available with belt widths ranging from 0.5m to 5.5m. Heating can be by gas, oil or electricity.
The picture to the left shows the cold end of a recent Leerco annealing lehr. This machine was specially designed to anneal Borosilicate products from 2kg to 30kg in weight. It was gas fired using our own package type gas burner. The belt width was 1200mm and the tunnel height was 1400 mm.
This picture shows four 2.1 metre wide annealing lehrs installed recently by Leerco, each is suitable for producing up to 40 tonnes per day of containers. All zones have automatic control to ensure perfect annealing.
The oven illustrated here was specially designed to anneal small vials and light bulbs, ranging from 1.8 to 30 grams. Bar type gas burners were used to provide the heat input, controlled via Eurotherm 2000 series instruments. The oven had an auto start-up sequence to ensure readiness for production after the weekend shutdown.

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